Thursday, March 08, 2007


What is it about finishing a stressful project that makes me want to buy things? I don't know either. Well, buy things and eat. But my glasses broke on Sunday and I have to conserve funds for eyewear replacement. So, after I did my presentation yesterday and barely finished the big, last-minute homework assignment, NFVeronica and I went to Target (after we went to IHOP -- food is most important after all). Thank god for the Dollar Spot:

I got to indulge in totally unnecessary shopping that inclued 0% guilt ($1 apiece!!) and 100% cuteness!! The Hello Kitty makeup bag I will totally use, the little tote (made from the same stuff they use to make disposable lab coats) is just right for carrying around some handwork, and I have no use whatsoever for the little plastic whistle!! But, cute!!

So then we went to the mall (V's going to England and Morocco next week -- she needed some stuff) and I found a much cuter version of something I actually needed.

Problem: Too many keys that are way too similar.

Solution: Those little colored plastic things that slip over the tops and color code your keys. Right? Right.

But!! I found the totally fabulous product Monkeys!!! OMG Cute!!!

Now, not only are my keys color-coded, they are expression-coded (the gray one is for the workout room in my building -- lol!!), cuter than bugs in rugs, and I have the Monchichi jingle on constant loop in my head. Excellent!!

$5 for six. Not bad. So, for $8, and the price of and omlette at IHOP, I had a very fulfilling post-stress shopping spree. I am well pleased with myself.

Oh, and I didn't buy this last night, but I hadn't shown you. Hey, Sweetie, this is what you got me for Valentine's Day. You have great taste. ;)

Eyewear shopping will not be anywhere near as fulfilling.



Melissa said...

Heeeeelooooo Kitty!!!!!!!

aija said...

Those monkey key covers are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad you had fun for such a thrifty price. Good luck with the glasses shopping. I'm currently all packed including a bunch of my new purchases, just have to put together my carry-on. Yay! I'll talk to you when I get back.

Anonymous said...

Love the bracelet and the monkey key covers. Too cute! Girly likes the Hello Kitty.

Sometimes a little inexpensive retail therapy is just what the doctor orders.

futuregirl said...

That is a gorgeous bracelet!