Saturday, March 10, 2007

Science-y goodness

Did you know that Mr. Clean kills the most bacteria? Cokes rots your teeth the fastest? You don't run faster if you listen to "fast" music? That the five-second rule is bullshizz? That I'm too old to hear the silent ringtone?

These were the things I learned while I was a judge at a science fair last night. Of course, most of these experiments used far from stringent standards of evidence, so don't run out and buy some Mr. Clean right this minute or anything. But what fun to see 5th through 8th graders so excited about finding a way to answer a question!!

They were adorable, every one. I can't wait until next year.

Oh, wanna find out how old your ears are?? (scroll down on that page) Mine are quite a bit older than me. I'm going to view this as a good thing as it means there are apparently more annoying things I can't hear. Alright!

This is the sky in Beer Town this morning. Nothing too exciting. But I'll take the 48 degrees F that's forecast for today!! Woot!!

I'm off to the lab -- enjoy your day!!



jmk said...

My ears must be slightly older than me. I can hear only a faint hiss on the 49 & Younger. Of course, it could just be my cheap speakers.

BTW, email me if you'd like Noel's patterns. I saved them before her website died. Hopefully she'll surface again some day.

Melissa said...

Ooooh, yippee! At least there's one part of my body that is younger than I actually am! Seriously, I think the ears must be the only part. I can hear the 18.8, but not the 19....Of course, my computer is hooked up to my stereo, this probably helps some.