Sunday, September 24, 2006

...and apparently other days, too.

Well, it's happened. It happens to some degree every semester I've ever been in school, and now it's happened again and that's why I haven't been blogging lately. I'm behind. In fact, I'm overwhelmed. There are several reasons for this -- super-huge workload, the little (and not-so-little) distractions of life, a possibility of ADD that I usually don't like to analyze too closely -- but we shan't really get into that now. Because now I'd like to focus on:

Old guys, bartenders and nerds dig my chili.

Did you know that, without doing anything particularly memorable, you can, in a city no less, go to a bar or restaurant or ride a bus once and be a regular?

Remember when I told you I went out and played darts? Yeah. Two weeks later I went to the same bar and ordered a Newcastle. The bartender said, "Oh yeah, you always get either Newcastle or Berry Weiss." Dude. I had been there once. Hi, cute little twenty-something bartender! I'm kinda old, kinda chubby, and not that hot! I'm not that memorable, I swear! What is your deal?

Fast forward to this last week. On Wednesday, Gator got some test results that ruled out potential horribleness after a health scare. I'm not going into details. But, since I was mucho relieved, I decided to give into my serious jonesing for a hamburger that had started to plague me. I went to Hegarty's, the little bar and grill next door to my building (it has a green neon sign outside that says "FOOD", but the "O's" are shamrocks -- you gotta love it!). They have awesome mushroom burgers, too. I was well pleased. The waiter/bartender was this young, kinda dorky kid who was nice -- but he was equally nice to everyone there (I have since learned that his name is Matt). I went back on Friday night because Friday is "Fish Fry" night in Milwaukee. I dig me some fish n' chips. And, far be it from me to ignore tradition, so I decided to partake of local custom. As soon as I walked in the door, Matt said, "Hey, Sus! Good to see you back!" and even though it was after seven (the time when they stop formally waiting on tables) he assured me that I was 'special' and could get personal service anyway. Again, Dude. I've only been here once!!

It's hilarious, really -- Matt and I got into a fight. The funniest thing is that I KNOW that this fight has only made it worse and now Matt has decided I'm his new BFF. Because, you see, we had this fight because he truly, in the very core of his silly little being, believes that the best Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi. And I, of course, can only shake my head and chuckle with contempt. And his favorite Star Wars novel is The Courtship of Princess Leia. Again with the head shaking.

One game of Galaga later, and the owner and head bartender had adopted me, as well. Oh, yeah. THEY HAVE A GALAGA MACHINE! WOOT!

Now, rewind to earlier in the week. A friend had told me how to ride the bus to a particular grocery store. She was wrong -- very, very wrong. I ended up having to ask the bus driver if he knew where I went wrong and he instantly adopted me. Since I had gotten on a line that has little traffic, the next bus going back in the opposite direction would be his anyway, so I might as well just ride with him to the end of the line and back. He proceeded to tell me all sorts of things about the bus lines -- and all about the guy who hit his truck and minute details of the police reporting experience. Oh, and also, it was one of those situations where you start talking about your husband immediately, thankyouverymuch (I think that was right after the second time he told me how attractive I was. This only happens when old guys are involved. I swear. He did immediately get the hint, however, so no worries). Since about ten bus lines go past Marquette campus, this driver is in my area often. He now honks at me if he sees me. Hello! I have my own personal bus driver! Yes, I'm not quite sure how I do it, either.

All of this and I have yet to make an actual friend. Harumph.


Anonymous said...

Friends schmends- you've got better. You're a Townie!!! Way to go girlfriend!

Melissa said...

First off, "Return of the Jedi"??? You've GOT to be kidding!!! Total score on the Galaga machine next door though, don't spend all your money in one place!
Now seriously--and I first must add that you know I love you as much as Margot--but, in most cases, you do make a Very Strong First Impression. And, people either love you, or hate you. Apparently, you are just now figuring out that it's the weirdos, geeks, and old guys that like you at first impression!
Give everyone else a little more time--they'll love you too. In the meantime, totally take advantage of these other sweet situations!
Love Ya!!!!

Tricia said...

Not your own personal bus driver, your own chauffeur, baby. At least, I say that's how you should think of it. Girl, I wish something this funny was goin' on in my life. I was laughing out loud at this post. You're right, it IS wierd, and yet, I've known you since, like, third grade Sunday School, so I know what these folks are experiencing. (I didn't know Susan's name right off, but I did know her as That-Girl-Who-Sang "God Didn't Make Little Green Apples" at top volume when we were supposed be making a very serious poster about Things God Made. Later I asked my mother who she was, that girl who sang "God Didn't Make Little Green Apples." She responded that she knew the girl's mother, that the mother was a good singer as well. However, she made it clear that I was NOT to sing "God Didn't Make Little Green Apples" when I should be obeying the teacher.)That's our Scuz, a real individual and really happy and unabashed about it.

Marguerite said...

Wow, being honked at by a bus driver - you must've left an impression! I wonder if that ever works for him as a strategy for getting dates? *honk honk* "Hey, baby, wanna ride? 'Cause, I, uh, got a bus with your name on it...(wink-wink)... Let me romance you with riveting tales of civil litigation ..."

I've never seen the honking thing work, even for the dudes in Miami who drive flashy cars that aren't municipal property. And who have jobs that don't quite so conspicuoulsy involve driving a bus. I guess there's something in the male DNA that allows them to assume that, despite all evidence to the contrary, someday, somewhere, some gal's going to find it just too hard to resist a man with a valid driver's license.

Sus said...

P.S. Don does not get paid for his comments to my blog.

P.P.S. They have a Frogger table game.

Anonymous said...

Not memorable? Who are you kidding! We still miss your laugh @ B&B! Office parties just aren't the same... :-( Your bar sounds much more fun that any here, tho', retro games and all...I'm jealous.

Miss you!