Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Sky

It's been so gray and rainy the last few days. It's also been nice and cool, so I can't really complain much.

I got kinda wasted last night. Fun bar, good beers, new friends, darts. Yeah, darts. I've never played actual darts, with rules and strategy and everything. I suck at throwing darts, and I was kinda wasted, so it's not like I actually had a strategy beyond "hit the board with the dart". And, believe me, I didn't always accomplish that.

Best part? No hangover! Yay!


Dorothy said...

Your sky looks as gloomy as a beginning of a story.

I hear you on the ring code. I gave up trying to click around and just list them then click through that way. They open into a new window and are easier to get through that way.

Anonymous said...

Oh yesss - bar, beer, new people and darts, what more could a girl ask for? And no hangover - now that's a big bonus too! ;)