Monday, March 05, 2007

I got yer flakes right here

I've been pretty busy with school, but I did manage to get some flakes done. The first one is #26 from 99 Snowflakes. I've done this one before and I rather like it. Simple, pretty, snowflakey.

Then I got a wild hair. I sat down with thread, hook, and no plan whatsoever, and just started in. The result is not fabulous, but it is a snowflake (even though I missed a picot -- oops!), as opposed to a big knot of crap, a mini-doily, or a zebra.

It's pretty geometric and not very graceful but, like I said, I just made it up as I went along. Maybe someday I'll make a plan and come up with something better. But I'll probably just stick with patterns for the most part. It was fun, anyway.



jmk said...

Hey! I really like your DIY flake, it's very effective (what's one picot among friends?). Please, please post the pattern. You know I'll only copy it if you don't. ;-)

Sus said...

Oh, man, you're going to make me remember what I did?? Cruel. ;) Give me a couple of days to get past this presentation I've got on Wednesday, then I'll see what I can do. I'm really glad you like it, though!!

Becky G said...

I like it as well. It looks like a fancy star. Good luck on your presentation.

Anonymous said...

I think your snowflake turned out great. It's light, airy and pretty.