Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh, baby!

Next week there is a baby shower for the two people in my department who just had / are expecting a baby. So I whipped out the baby yarn stash and got things together to make booties. I made one pair last night:

It's a pattern that I've made many times before, SLK Designs' Baby Booties Pattern. I like it because it's very gender neutral, quick to make without looking too simple, and I once had a mother tell me that they actually fit baby feet (which, let's face it, are more like little fat balls than anything remotely foot-shaped). I like these best when made with Bernat Coordinates because the boucle nature of the yarn kind of fills in the holes and adds some interest to the sea of rows of double crochets.

I don't want to make both pairs just alike, but I'm not sure I have a yarn I will like for this pattern as well as the Bernat (and I only have white in that). This evening I'm going to try a few things. I'll keep you updated.

I know you're trembling with anticipation.


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