Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Still coughing, but Look!! Artoo!!

Thanks to all the well-wishers regarding my icky chest cold. Alas, I'm not better.

But! Thank god for ADD! Look at what popped up on my campus and has totally distracted me from my misery! (Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, on my way home last night, I walked right by this and didn't notice it. Because in part of my brain, seeing a random R2 unit on the street just isn't that weird. Analyze it all you want.)

Had you heard about this? I had, and was way excited that there was one within walking distance for me to fawn over!

It's right by the engineering building on Wisconsin Avenue, which is only two buildings away from the life sciences building so, practically right by where I work!! Sorta!!

The boxes themselves bid you check this out. And there's this, too.

Happy. This just makes me so freakin' happy.



Melissa said...

What a wonderful, magical almost present for you! I know how incredible this must be, and I'm sure it has made that horrible chest cold much easier to bear!!! May the force be with you, my love.

Melissa said...

Oh, how do you find out where the boxes are? I didn't see that info. in any of the links....

Sus said...

I had seen a list that just had what cities would be included at www.starwars.com, although apparently it wasn't comprehensive because there have been a lot of sightings in places not included on that list. Here's a Frappr map that people have been adding to pretty religiously:

aija said...

I saw the r2d2 on the usps site the other day... I thought they were going to have stamps! This is pretty freaking awesome in its own rite though :)

Hope you feel better soon!