Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The fun part of the weekend

Yesterday I intimated that only part of my holiday weekend was good. That's because I felt like crap on Sunday and most of yesterday. My sinuses are hatin'. But until that point, the weekend was going swimmingly.

On Friday I left the lab early, packed up some stuff, piled in friend Anne's car and we headed down to Chi-town. New Friend Veronica's brother was getting married and we had been recruited to bring one of their aunts down for the festivities. Said aunt ended up not going, so Anne and I headed off on our own eager to meet V's family (who all seem so fun and zany when she talks about them) and, to be completely honest, eager for a yummy wedding dinner and open bar. 'Cause we're not crazy.

Look how cute we are! That's me, Anne, and V! I don't always have that "deer in the headlights" look, though. I don't think.

There was dancing and chatting and a generally fabulous time was had by all! Yay Mr. and Mrs. V's Brother!!

The next day, after a yummy brunch at V's folks' house, Anne and I headed back towards WI. But not without stopping first at Cheap Home Furnishings Mecca:

I had never been to IKEA before and it was insane, kids. Crazy huge! Full of so many things I could instantly need desperately merely by laying my eyes upon them for the briefest of moments. I restrained myself though. Mostly, I got some gadgets to give as part of a wedding gift this summer. But I totally had to get this one cute thing. Well, two of them, because I decided only one wasn't going to be enough. But I'm only showing a picture of one. The other one is just like it, only lime green:

SO CUTE!!! Might... DIE!... from the... CUTENESS!!! Oh! But the best part! Yes! The puzzle pieces actually FIT INTO ONE ANOTHER!!!

Ahem. So, perhaps this unrestrained excitement over silicone ice cube trays caused me to rupture something, causing a headache, and ruining the rest of my weekend.

Nope, can't do it. Can't blame any amount of suffering on the cutest ice cube trays ever manufactured! Of course, I've never seen Hello Kitty ice cube trays...

Somebody STOP ME...


jmk said...

HAAHAAhaahaahah!! Heehee, snerk, cough, ahem - Too bad about the sinuses, though.

Cheryl said...

Wow, those icecube trays are awesome! How cool would that ice look in a drink?! I've never been to Ikea, and I think it would be pretty dangerous for me to go.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time at the wedding! Cool ice cube trays. (no pun intended) Ikea is crazy. There seems to be a way in but no way out unless you follow the path through the store. That's just so bizarre to me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the mothership IKEA calls all her children to Schaumburg, Illinois for uber-cuteness, strangely named furniture and Swedish meatballs. I used to live a couple of miles from there.

Your puzzle-piece ice cube tray purchase makes absolute sense to me. I kind of like the idea of having puzzle pieces cool my drink--it's probably better than those gel-filled plastic things things that I fear may leach into my drink.