Monday, May 14, 2007

The more I read these posts, the more I realize how lame my life is

Oh, I know you think it's all science and glamor up here. But wait! I'm going to talk about (and show pictures of) soap!

But first, Snowflake Monday! Last week, I joined a new mailing list, simplysnowflakes, and made the first pattern in the snowflake sign-up. It's a wee little flake called Edelweiss, and pretty cute. Next week I'll have #2 and a challenge flake to show you. Won't that be exciting!

Last night, New Friend Veronica and I went to the yummy Mongolian barbecue and I, unsurprisingly, did not take pictures though I did remember to put my camera in my new Parfait Purse. Oh well.

Last Wednesday, after my last final, V and I and our friend Anne went out to a celebratory dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. There, we made a fabulous discovery: Francis Ford Coppola makes wine. Not only that, he makes a sparkling wine named after his daughter, Sofia. And, not only that, but Sofia sparkling wine comes in hot pink cans which come with their own, individual, bendy straws!!!! Sweet!

In case you were wondering (and I know at least one of you were), I did get some laundry done over the weekend, but far from all of it. This is because I only had enough laundry soap to do three loads. So, yesterday, when I went to Walgreens (for Duracell batteries), I picked up some detergent. It was on sale! Yay! It was 3 for $15. Now, some places, this would mean 3 for $15, or 1 for $5. But not at the almighty Walgreens! One bottle is still the $6.85 of normal price (the campus Walgreens inflates prices like crazy, FYI). So, in order to feel like I wasn't bending over for the corporate convenience gods, I had to buy three bottles of soap. Like I was at Costco or something.

So fear not! I shall be clean for months!

The other day in my comments, Laura included a link to a post that made her think of me and she thought I should do something like this.
Just so you know, I have been planning to start such a project just as soon as I finish all my WIPs.



But I have been planning for it, nonetheless. Observe my awesome plan!

Yes! It is a mighty plan! It involves throwing all my Walgreens and Pick N' Save bags onto the top shelf of my closet so that someday, someday, I can turn them into plastic yarn and make wondrous cool items with them! Until, of course, I move and decide that there's no way I'm moving 147 pounds of empty plastic bags. But until then! I have a plastic bag recycling project practically started, as you can clearly see!

So now it's time to let the science-y glamor to commence! I'm ready for it any time.



Marti said...

Sparkling wine in a pink can with a straw - that is totally awesome!

p.s. Love the snowflake!

jmk said...

Very nice SSSS#1. You may have to wait a bit longer to post your challenge flake, though - the deadline has been put back to next Monday.