Sunday, May 20, 2007

Insane addiction with flakes at the end


How was your weekend? Mine was ridiculous!

How's that? Well, my loser-dom reached new heights this weekend. I only had a little bit of work in the lab, so I should have gotten a lot accomplished and I should have another strip of the Crazy Quilt Coverlet to show you. But I don't. There was a challenge at simplysnowflakes to create a pattern based on an actual snowflake from nature, but I didn't do it. I have to return the book I'm reading to the library today and I wanted to finish it this weekend, but I didn't do that either. Why not? Why didn't I accomplish any of these perfectly enjoyable things that I really, genuinely, wanted to do? LOSER! That's why.

I became addicted. Stupidly, insanely, completely, ridiculously addicted. To what, you ask? The beautiful outdoors which displayed lovely springtime weather this weekend? Friends, food, and fun? A horrible drug that left me unable to function in society as we know it? No. Well, maybe sorta on that last one.

I became addicted to YouTube episodes of Judge Judy.

I'm so ashamed.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have loved the judge shows for a long time now. When I had a TV, I would watch whichever one was on, including Divorce Court (so you see how bad this is). Since I moved up here TVless, I was thrilled to learn that the local FOX affiliate broadcasts their entire TV schedule on the radio AND they have a healthy line up of judge shows. Good deal. But with TV and the radio, the shows are on when they're on, I catch them when I can, or I don't, and life goes on. Not so with YouTube! It just goes on and on and on and on!!!! It's crazy! "Just one more" episode becomes four hours later. Seriously, yesterday, this was all I did. I am a complete reject.

I did knit two dishcloths while I watched. Here's the evidence of my shameful weekend activity:

Luckily, I did get something done during the week last week, so I have two -- count 'em! -- two snowflakes to share this Snowflake Monday:

simplysnowflakes sign-up flake #2

#40 from Leisure Arts' 99 Snowflakes

Check back often. There's no telling what stupid crap I'll do next!


PS -- Becky, I'm doing it tomorrow, I promise! I was distracted by insanity and also being a complete loser! Sorry!



jmk said...

Haahahah! Great post! Sad but great. I found it particularly funny as DH had been watching Judge Judy just minutes earlier. Yes, we even get her here now.

Nice flakes - and I really like your dishcloths, especially the striped one.

Becky G said...

That is so funny because I am watching Judge Judy even as I type! Don't tell me that they are on YouTube. I spend too much time on the computer as it is.

Anxiously awaiting....

Tricia said...

I'm lovin' the dishcloths. Very sporty. Kinda like work-out clothes. I'm thinkin' you could wash dishes very, very fast with these. And bulk up your biceps.

Melissa said...

You ROCK my world, girlfriend!!!
Love the new snowflakes, too. They're both very beautiful in such different ways. Just like the real thing, eh? It's o.k. to be a loser for a've had a tough and stressful first year at grad school, lean back and take it easy for a while.

YarnThrower said...

I would chalk it up to "decompressing" after a busy semester! You're allowed! Most people who watch Judge Judy non-stop wouldn't have two snowflakes and two dishrags, either.