Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More conference. And a sock picture.

Even with all the science, beachy-ness and gluttony, I have found some time to sit on the patio and knit. In fact, Sock went with me to the lookout and we had this cute portrait taken:

And though I said I wouldn't just post picture after picture of the ocean, I'm going to post more pictures of the ocean. Turns out, the beach gets cooler the farther you go. There are these cool rocky island-y things that I really want to climb and get all "Rocky at the top of the stairs" on:

That will have to go on my "to do" list. They look really awesome at dawn:

This is one of my favorite pictures of the beach so far. I just really like the reflections:

Okay, that's all the ocean for today. On to the lab!

We are primarily spending time in two buildings. The main Life Sciences building is where we have our lectures:

In California, apparently the buildings don't need a lot of actual walls. In this building, all the hallways are open to the outside. If this building were in Milwaukee, we would have to scoop snow out of the hallways.

I'm standing in the hallway here. See the restrooms on the right, there? Past that is the hallway to the labs, offices and conference rooms. No door. I'm such a midwesterner. I think this is weird as hell.

We spend most of our time in the lab. Since there are 22 of us, we are in one of the instructional labs rather than the research facilities. Again, no actual hallways. Each classroom door opens right to the outside. It reminds me a of a motor lodge.

Inside, though, it looks just like any other lab:

This is the bench where I work:

I tried to take a stealth picture of Kaspar, but the flash made it more of a picture of a vortex. And here I thought it would turn out all artsy.

There likely won't be a post tomorrow because we're going into town for a big dinner after we finish in the lab. Don't worry, I'll take pictures.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics of the beach! Isn't SB lovely? I know of the wall-less phenomenon that you write about. Being an easterner, I still can't get over the fact that my CA kids went to school outdoors! There are no proper buildings but rows of classrooms connected by covered sidewalks! When it rains, they dash about. Ca-razy. Enjoy your stay in poshy SB!

YarnThrower said...

I totally chuckled at your comment about how the "no wall" system would *not* work in Milwaukee. That all does seem weird to me, too!

So cool to see your lab!

I would show you my lab, though our instructor said we may only take pictures in the lab room when the "tanks" are closed (and the tank "contents" are not able to be seen), out of respect, and so that nobody with a sick sense of humor does anything to create a misunderstanding of what happens in advanced anatomy labs... It's nothing as intricate as what you're working on, however! So cool, really, to see your workspace!