Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wet and salty

I got checked into my dorm room for the Tetrahymena Forward Genetics conference that I'm attending this week. I don't have anywhere to be until dinner, so I took off for the beach. It's like right there. In fact, if I stand in one spot and face east, you can see the building I'm staying in...

...and if I face west from that same spot, you get this:


So, I walked about 200 yards (because the path is very winding) and spent an hour strolling in the surf, picking up shells, and getting wet and salty.

There are cool cliffs:

And even a heron in the pool outside the window:

I hope the conference is good, because it'll be hard not to skip out and enjoy more of this!!



YarnThrower said...

Wow! Nice! Do tetrahymena live in the ocean? (It's scary, but after reading your blog for a while, I can now spell tetrahymena.)

Sus said...

Wow, I'm impressed!! No, tetrahymena are strictly freshwater. Plus, the lines we use are all lab lines that haven't seen "nature" for years. The conference is just here because this is where the organizer teaches. Pretty rough for him, eh?