Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Depressing, but true

This is the Wikipedia entry for the high school I attended:

Maryville High School is the public high school for Maryville, MO. They are more known for their unusual mascot, the Spoofhound, than anything else. Outside of the community no graduate from Maryville has risen to do anything of note.

Man, it just makes you want to go invent that robotic dog clone your husband's always telling people about and take over the world.


Melissa said...

Talk about some back-ass motivation or something. Just a bunch of under-achieving Spoofhounds, eh? Well, hell....we'll have to do something about that now, won't we?

Professor said...

Do I have to tell you again that I've downloaded almost my entire CD collection onto my MP3 player?

THAT's an accomplishment.

Melissa said...

Everyone may not know this, but Wikipedia is written collaboratively, and ANYONE can edit it. ANYONE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Introduction

Professor said...

So, are you saying you're going to add to the page that I've put my CD collection on my MP3 player?

Sus said...

Yeah, Missa, I knew that, but I couldn't honestly refute the statement already there. Although it does smack of the original poster being some sort of Bitter Betty.