Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Schlameel, Schlamozel

Monday was my last day of work. I had spent the week before knitting my little heinie off and ended up with a lovely little parade of dish/facecloths. I was very excited to hand them out.

When I got to work, I knew something was up. On the half-wall, there was an interesting sight:

I didn't get it at first, but one I realized that those latex things were gloves (and not the other latex thing that might come to mind -- to some of you, not to me of course) the pieces started to fall into place. Co-workers started appearing with big black "L's" on their shirts. Soon everyone in the department had one. Steve would have only needed slightly more hair product than normal to be a perfect Lenny.

Yes, in tribute to my impending move to Mil'eh'wau'keh (Algonquin for "the good land"), it was Laverne & Shirley day in histology!! There was much theme-song singing and general revelry. Everyone was very sneaky up til lunch time, when I realized just how sneaky my co-workers really are!! They suprised me with a seriously awesome brunch and showered me with the best gifts ever: A box of tampons (the signifigance of this will be explained in about, oh, three or four months -- but, never fear, it will be explained whether you want me to or not), a super-soft kangaroo (it's a marsupial -- because they're fast!) and the funniest, best thing ever -- featuring our departmental motto (which I helped coin):

You knew there was a reason I fit in so well!

And it's all lovingly signed on the back! I love you guys!

That was the best place I've ever worked. You guys rock.

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