Monday, August 07, 2006

Get ready

It's gonna be slim around here for the next week, kids. Getting Ready To Move has moved into full swing. There's still loads to do. I feel a little better now because this morning I did all the necessary administrative stuff like reserve the truck, hire people to unload it when I get there (what? You thought I was moving that sofa by myself? Well, I am almost that smokin', but just not quite) and, most importantly, I have phone and internet service that will be waiting for me, thus insuring that life in Milwaukee will be worth living.

I may have more to say this week; I may not. Fear not, though, as you know that all is well and I'm just a very, very busy girl.

See you in Beer Town!

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LadyLinoleum said...

Moving is trying! I am sending you mucho good vibes to get you thru it.