Friday, August 25, 2006

New Pet Peeve

Okay, actually it's an old pet peeve, but I had been out of the website business for quite some time and had forgotten what a pain in the neck this particular thing can be.

You may have noticed, over to the left there, that I have joined a couple more webrings. Nothing Earth-shattering, just some fun and maybe a little more exposure (I blog, therefore I ham). When I'm part of a webring, I make a point of travelling around the ring fairly regularly to see what my fellow ringmates are up to. If I weren't interested in what they're blogging about, I don't have any business in the ring, right?

So, I'm toolin' around the Blog On Wisconsin! ring and it hits me: My extreme hatred of ringmembers who don't have ring links on their site. Aarrgghh! Dagnab you non-code-adders! Don't you realize you have just broken the ring! Now I have to back up and do a random! And then, maybe they don't have the ring links either! Aarrgghh! I end up getting all kinds of mad and giving up and not even getting to see some (probably) very good blogs.

If I weren't so lazy, I'd start a campaign, or a petition, or a sit-in, or something. But, oh look!, it's time to meet some folks for beer. Mmmmm, beer.

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