Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Doodad!

In the spirit of this being UFO August (even though I'm not an actual member), I've decided to try to get everything that I have started done before I start anything else. Man, that sounds so logical when said out loud. It implies that running around starting projects and never finishing them is the status quo or something. And kids, I'm tellin' ya, that just simply could not be the case.

Okay, maybe it sorta is. But I actually do finish things, I just start many more than I finish. But I've decided to put this tendency right out there, let you all witness it, and maybe, maybe, I'll feel the pressure to actually finish these things.

So, I've added a swanky little bit of code from CogKnition that has produced those little percentage bars you see to the left. As long as one of them moves at all each week, I shan't be completely shamed. Of course, determining progress on the Fatigue Cap is freaking impossible. I'm going to have to start actually measuring it or something. Oh, the humanity.

And yes, I suppose, if we're going to get technical, I should add a bar for that candlewicking kit I started in roughly 1983 and haven't touched since roughly 1985. I still have it, though. It's time may yet come.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I have three *giant* boxes of UFOs. My church's ladies group (mostly the geriatric set, but a couple of cool old chicks) has a UFO sale each year. I think I bought some of my own unfinished stuff last year- not sure, but the mistakes are starting to look mighty famillliar.

Best to you, sweetie!

Sus said...

So, you get you some swanky progress bars and feel the peer pressure to become productive. As far as ripping CD's can be considered productive. ::big grin::

Melissa said...

Dear me, I think that actually trying to list all of mine would be more likely to throw me into a deep, dark, shame spiral rather than motivate...depression and lack of motivation would surely ensue.

Sus said...

You're a rockstar, babe. ;)