Sunday, May 06, 2007

Crafting through the journey

Well, next week is finals and my first year of graduate school is drawing to a close. In a way it seems like I just got here and in others it seems like I've been here for eons. I've worked through homesickness and dealing with Gator's illness long-distance, feeling unsure about my sense of belonging, both professionally and personally. I've come out on the other side content, fairly centered, and happy (though I still miss Gator like the dickens!).

Also, I've made some stuff. Handwork has been my constant -- a therapeutic exercise, and means to ends I could not otherwise afford or at least justify, my preferred method of procrastination. I suppose that will continue; I certainly don't see why it wouldn't.

This week, while not getting right on top of studying for finals, I've worked on my Parfait Purse (named for the color scheme), making the design up as I went, though I had a pretty good mental image of what I wanted when I set out.

I admit that it's not an exact rendition of my original vision, but my vision is pretty good at adapting to what it's presented with in reality. I still think it will be pretty cute, but I also admit that my mind has already starting to design what it would rather have, so I guess I'll be making another purse when I'm done with this one.

It still wants a lining and decorative embellishments. By this time next week I'll have a full-fledged purse FO. It will be fun to take it out for a spin! For a parfait, no doubt. ;)

While going through my fabric stash for suitable lining, I decided I just wanted to reorganize the crap out of everything. I realized that all my embroidery supplies (and embroidery WIPs) were scattered about here and there among my fabric and my yarn. I decided this was dumb and set about righting it. During my organization, I ran across a wee little piece of cross-stitch that had originally been part of a little magnet kit. The stitching was complete, but the rest of the kit was completely missing. Not that I was terribly surprised. Another thing I found was a little wood-grain plastic embroidery hoop with built in hanging hook. The tiny piece of stitching fit the hoop perfectly, so I decided to just give in to fate and add a little bit of happiness over my kitchen sink. It looks pretty cute.

Fair warning -- I'll have no flake tomorrow. I have a final Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Then I'll be free to flake out all I want! Well, after the purse is done, of course.

So, one down, one more of classes to go, then three or four of research and writing. The journey is officially underway with a vengance.


YarnThrower said...

I always tell people that I'd have a huge therapy bill if it wasn't for knitting. Also, what is it about the needle crafts that make them such good tools for procrastinating instead of studying? Totally congrats on the (almost) completion of your first year!! I bet it went a lot faster in many ways than you can believe (though, during lonely times I know it doesn't feel that way). In any case, what an accomplishment! Good for you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm figuring that right about now you're on your way to your final. Good luck Sugar!

Dorothy said...

Good luck with the finals!

I like the purse and the embroidery. Pretty both of them.

Anonymous said...

Look at this:

It totally made me think of you- you should make one of these!