Friday, August 18, 2006


I'm finding myself obsessed with Pretty! Not just pretty with a little "p", but Pretty! with a big "P". Oh, and an exclamation point. That's very important. It's times like these that I wish I were Spanish, so I could add an extra exclamation point. It's just that good.

Now, mind you, Pretty! can be Classy!, but is not always. Sometimes, Pretty! is Kitschy! or Cute-a-toot-toot! Think twinsets, a fresh pedicure, or hospital corners -- anything you can admire, stand back, and exclaim, "Pretty!" But this can also apply to heavily sequined cat-eye sunglasses. Dig?

I walked around Marquette campus yesterday and, for the most part, my campus = Pretty!

Of course, there always seems to be one building on every campus that makes you seriously question the sanity of the person(s) responsible. This is ours:

That's, uh, NOT Pretty!. Not even in the kitschy or even the sarcastic way. Even the building which will be my home-away-from-the-home for the next five years is not anti-Pretty!, it's merely boring as all get-out:

So, there are many Pretty! things out there. Of course, I'm not only obsessed with Pretty! "out there". Oh, no! Pretty! must come inside with me! Pretty! must surround me in my new abode and cradle me gently at all times! If there is not already Pretty! about me, I shall make Pretty!

New Pretty! potholders!

And the pièce de résistance, I present the Pretty! potty! Yes! This one has been percolating in my mind for weeks, just looking for a day or two of downtime for experimentation and construction! Gods, how I love it! It's so freakin' Pretty!

Red polarfleece and crocheted flowers. Man, it's so Pretty!, it gets a close-up.

I don't even want to hear about how this is the one that makes you question my sanity. Ppbbfftt.


Melissa said...

Oooooh, Squeezle, that has got to be THE PRETTIEST toilet I have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!! The perfect colors for the bathroom...the originality...the personal touch...I am floored!!! I do not question your sanity, in fact, I discover newfound respect and awe at your brilliancy. I knew you had something cooking in that wee brain of yours, but in a million years, this, I would not have imagined!!!! Rock on babe! Hope Irish Fest kicks!

Deb said...

Nice Potty! It's really very cool!

(found you by way of C'ville.)